A maple leaf among the kiwis; or, my year in New Zealand

Nevis Bungy & Swing

Sorry Mom! I didn’t tell you ahead of time, but believe me you were in my head when I got strapped in and jumped off. I didn’t do the bungy, just the swing. (It’s not much better). The bungy is 134m of straight drop. Here is Jens getting ready.

He did the big one. I have video, which I will upload shortly.

Marcel and Bjorn did very well too, although Bjorn couldn’t release his legs so he got pulled up upside down.

Yay Marcel! After we got to see all of them bungy (and Elin and Morgan too!) Susanna, Mica and I all went to do our swing. Susie and Mica are insane and did it backwards.

I don’t have any pictures of myself doing it (for obvious reasons) but I will hopefully get some soon.

I will say two things about it: 1) The worst part is in your head. Honestly, I was freaking myself out about it unneccesarily, because the actual doing of it was an amazing rush that I will never forget. 2) It is the best rush in the world. You feel like you’re going to keep dropping (it’s a 60 m drop before the rope catches you) but then you get to swing close to the ground and then when you get pulled back up you swing high above the river.

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